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With this new layer on normal, create a layer mask and use the linear gradient tool. This will hide the black pixels to leave the exclusion ‘white tux’. Because we are on normal blending mode with this copied layer, we have a good face. Go to the exclusion layer and create a layer mask. Now grab a medium brush with black as the foreground color and wipe out that exclusioned face to reveal the normal face on the layer mask. I hope you’re following...this is a good exercise in truly understanding and harnessing Photoshop.

If you turn off the ‘normal’ layer you can see the headless groom. We are only using this layer for the good ‘head’. It’s important that this be retained.

Here you can see the masked areas and the layer which I am masking some more.

Ok, so now we’ve got the benefit of two layers going on. The exclusion layer for its whiter tuxedo and the normal layer just for the good head shot. Go ahead and cycle through the blending modes to see if there is something that might work a little bit better for the head shot layer. Linear Burn happens to work good in this case. We want to retain the original substance of that character or layer.

Grab another image that you think would be appropriate and with the moVe tool, go ahead and drag it into the document as another layer.

Use Ctrl/Cmd T holding the Shift key to scale the new layer down to a smaller size (if necessary). Use the gradient layer mask method to get rid of the harsh edges (this solves just about all of your problems).

Here you can see the layer mask where we have hidden the sharp edges to help this layer ‘blend’ into the design.

Here is another image that I’ve dragged (drug?) into the document and scaled it down also. We’re creating a mini-scene at the bottom of this design (which is turning into a movie poster style design).

Duplicate the layer by dragging it to the new layer icon on the bottom of the layers palette. Now go to Edit: Transform: Flip Horizontal (I use Alt E:A:H).

Now hold the shift key and drag this duplicate layer over to where they create a beautiful avenue as shown.

Now go to Layer: Merge Linked or Ctrl E after you have linked the two layers together. They have now become one layer.

Of course you’ll want to get rid of that harsh edge to make the image ‘blend’ into the overall design so use the gradient layer mask method once again to get rid of the edge which makes it stand out. I told you the gradient layer mask solves just about all of your problems! Understand this Jedi Master.

Here I’m just making adjustments on how I think the image of them should fit into the design. Once again, duplicating and applying a different blending mode..lowering opacity.

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