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Start this wedding version movie style poster Photoshop tutorial by dragging in the bride to a nice sky/cloud photo (here is again from Go ahead and use the eraser tool to get rid of the extra junk around the bride.

Now go ahead and create a layer mask. Since we still have some harsh edges but primarily because we want to do some lightbleeding go ahead and use the radial or diamond gradient tool with black as the foreground color to mask certain areas on the bride layer. You can see where I’ve masked with the rubylith on.

With the background layer selected in the layers palette, create a levels adjustment layer. We’re going to ‘cinematize’ the look here. This adjustment layer will affect only the layer/s beneath it.

We want this effect of light-washing going on. Look at how it instantly lets the layer masked areas let the light ‘bleed through’. I call this light-bleeding. We’re just making it a stronger effect with the Levels adjustment layer. This is good shtuff.  If it's just a little bit 'above you' right now then you might want to check out my complete insider-secrets-to-Photoshop training revealed.

Create a selection with the lasso tool of another person (in this case, the groom).

Now enter the quick mask mode as shown.

Choose a medium size brush after selecting ‘B’ for brush tool.

With black as your foreground color, ‘deselect’ or paint the areas outside of the selection you want. (Quick masking is covered in depth in the Basic Photoshop DVD Training).

Here are some more screenshots of getting the selection via the Quick Mask mode. Use the brush with black to deselect areas (shown as red with the rubylith). If you need to fix an area, switch the foreground to white to ‘select’ or ‘retain’ the selection as shown. You can press D/X to toggle between the white and foreground colors.  Are you with me so far on this movie poster tutorial?  Because you're using digital photographs (in this case) at 72 dpi you can only output for web - oh darn.

Press “Q” to exit the Quick Mask mode and you see the selection that you now have.

Now get the moVe tool (V) and put the cursor inside the new selection and click to move it and drag it into the document we are working on. All that it does by dragging it is create a copy and retains the original in place on the document.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Because we have a dark tuxedo on a very light background, I used the exclusion blending to make it a white tuxedo. The problem is, his head looks worse than the pre-Hulk tutorial. To solve this, duplicate the layer.

Press Next to continue with this advanced Photoshop design movie poster tutorial.


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