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Orion, Thank you! In the short time I have been subscribed my proficiency level has doubled. Being able to actually see a psd source file has been the key element for me. The tutorials are so great! I have passed your URL along to several other people and they have been impressed. Please continue, don't stop the great work.
Regards, Tania L. Blount IDEAS Center Instructional Media Technician

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Photoshop Design Tutorials


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Over 200 Testimonials on my Photoshop tutorials

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  Here's what people are saying about the Free PSDer:

"I would like you to know that your PSDer Ezine has
been very informative and helpful to a beginning
graphic designer such as I, who live a cash-strapped
lifestyle...thanks for the free tips and tutorials.

With them, I've never had an easier time churning out
great posters
, book covers and self-promotion flyers
in my Macintosh."

-Dan Pinto: Manila, Philippines


"Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you are sharing at this time. I am very much a novice at Photoshop. I am just learning the program inside and out...Please keep up the great advise and Photoshop tutorials.."

-Liz D. Johannesburg, South Africa


I want to thank you so much for making those 42 psd files downlodable, i was thinking that i was going to surely miss out on doing the tutorials properly with the files and then i see you are offering access to them i was overjoyed! i had to write and thank you for it cause it means so much, i couldn't afford the price for the access, and i was wishing for a way to even download 10 of them. Thank you so much.



"I only just recently joined your email ezyne, but believe me, I find your website worth going back to every other day...Anyway, thanks for your very quick answer."

-Susie: Thailand


Thanks for a great site. I have learned much from your tutorials. I
don't get the chance to experiment very much due to the deadline nature
of my business...Your Photoshop tutorials are for the most part short, to the point,
and I can go through one before my employer knows what's happening.
True, it is to his advantage that I do it, but, well,,,, you know what
I am saying.

L. R. Hale
Graphic designer

Hey Orion ...
You're the best. I always look forward to your newletters. I love Photoshop and all the brilliance you bring to it. I can't afford First Edition yet .... but one day I will be able to. I just want to thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Photoshop Community.

Deb Brazo


Your free tutorials has really motivated me,by giving me a prospect of a better future as a graphic designer.I say thanks a million.

Yours faithfully,
London (uk)


"Thank you. I just discovered your website. It is great. I am in awe.  My eyes are open to a whole new world within my reach. I look forward to producing a more polish product from this point."

Arthur Baker
Del Star Photography


I just came across your site a couple of days ago. It's at the top of my list for great tutorials...I look forward to Photoshop designer e-mails eagerly.

May God bless you for sharing your knowledge... =)
Florida, USA



"I just wanted to say thank you for sharing what you have learned..I feel that Like you I Have a love/passion for graphic design.. and your work is very inspiring.. I put you up there with the likes of Robert Bowen.. Love this mans work.. anyway thanks for letting me babble
again thank you for your hard work."

Sincerely, Matt Fisher U.S.


"Hi there,
Your site is like a gem in the world wide web! i can't belive i found it by accident while scrolling though some tutorials at, your site is what i have been hoping for! i just seen it today at school i study graphic arts and multimedia but i always thought I were never taught any cool stuff, to make things like the professionals do.

When i looked at some of the tutorials i got excited about photoshop (which i don't normally cause i find the program difficult but i won't give up becouse it has so much power) i can't wait to try out your tutorials... keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your expert knowledge with us begginers!"

Take care,
Raya Nasser

Over 200 Testimonials on my Photoshop tutorials

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