Trevon Winston

Ok Open a new document size 200x200
next press d to reset your colors
now follow these steps
Filter-blur-radial blur
click ctrl f once
Filter-Brush Strokes-accented edges
use these settings settings
Edge width 14
Edge Brightness 4
Smoothness 8
Filter-render-lens flare
use these settings
Brightness 120
Movie Prime
make 2 of them at opposing angles
Use these settings
generators 2
Wave length min,10 max, 120
Amplitude min 5, max 35
Scale 100%, 100%
Now copy the contents of the layer but do not paste it yet
Image-Rotate canvass-Flip Horizontal
Now press Ctrl V
this should make a new layer
then set the blending mode to lighten
then press ctrl E to merge the layers
now duplicate the layer
then select the bottom layer
now do filter-distort-twirl
set the angle to 150
now select the top layer
now do filter distort twirl
set the angle to 150
now set the blending mode to lighten and merge the layers
Now do filter-sketch-halftone pattern
now do filter distort Polar coordinates
select rectangular to polar if not already selected
Now click CTRL U and colorize your image and your done

Trevon Winston a.k.a. floaterz

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