Seth Morgan

Hi Orion,
You may use all of the information below for any display of my work.
All 3 samples of DVD covers were done after looking at the free tutorials on

Seth Morgan
"Something For Every Member Of The Universe"

1) "" (This is what I am doing this summer)
The image on the top of the back was divided horizontally with the top half
given a different blending mode. This made it darker and defined an area for
the text. Gradient masking is used on the back where the flower meets the
wave. tutorials show how using the gradient tool on a
masking layer gives a clean professional look. The upper image on the front
uses gradient and masking by hand to include specific parts of different

2) "MANIK" (This is my friend's band. Download FREE samples from their site-

Images were blurred with a diagonal motion blur to be used as backgrounds. I
liked the results of all the variations of the backgrounds so I used
gradient masking to reveal parts of all of them. One of the variations uses
a texture over it with blending mode experimentation to get the right look. tutorials show many examples and combinations of how to
use different blending modes together. The picture of the band on the front
uses 2 versions of that picture. The first one uses Hue/Saturation
(Image->Adjustments->Hue/Saturation) to give the image it's "one color
look". Try the colorize option. This image is blended with full color
version to help it blend with the background that wraps around to the back
side. also shows how to make similar color adjustments
using color balance (Image->Adjustments->Color Balance). You can also use a
layer of color with adjustments to opacity and blending modes to change the
color of the image in the layer below.

3) "Search The Future" (Crop Circle Sci-Fi Movie)

Color balance and Hue/Saturation were used to get the Mod Squad on the front
to be similar in color. This makes all the images look like they belong
together. The field layer gets its color from the color gradient in the
above layer. Then I tried different amounts of opacity and blending modes.
The text in the upper rectangle on the back comes from a Dreamweaver
extension called corporate mumbo jumbo.

I would recommend the lessons offered on since they
teach so much about design and what to do with the Photoshop tools to create
great art.

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