Maja Bandin

My name is Maja Bandin.
I come from former Yugoslavia (from the part today called Serbia and
I'm 30 years old, and work as a serbian language teacher.

I like, literally said, playing in Photoshop. I put it this way,
because I don't think of myself as a serious designer, and don't have any
kind of pretension of becoming one, although not modest enough not to like
any positive comment and encouragement which could lead me in that
I like experimenting in Photoshop whenever I have time for it, just for fun.
Signing up for your free tutorials helped me a lot. In my early works
in Photoshop I just experimented with diferent kinds of filters and plugins.
I still find a lot of them usefull and interesting, but also discovered that
actually don't have always the need for them to make a picture look
interesting, beautiful and "eye catching".
All I have known about working in Photoshop I have learned by
myself, and since 01.08.2004 (the date I've subscribed to your online
training) by your teaching. I 've enjoyed few of your great tutorials and
increased my Photoshop design skills, and effectiveness.
Indeed I am one of your 'students'. So, afther receiving four of
your online tutorials, I'm applying for your First PhotoshopDesign Contest!
As I said, I'm not entering this contest in order to get recognition
for my work, but because I'm having fun working in Photoshop and I'm very,
very interested what you say about my "playing a Photoshop game".
All my work is originally created, and all the pictures were taken
by me, using my little Mustek digital camera. Haven't used stock
photography, except of the blue butterfly in one of my work, which was cut
out of a picture found recently on the Web, and a picture of a city I used
as a background on the other.
I'm sending you my recent photoshop work (3 designs/files max as 72
resolution .jpg's + most of the original photos used in my creations placed
in one file - exmp.jpg ).

pict. no.1. - JOY - This is my sister Sonya. I used two of her pictures.
Played with levels and used layer masking. Finally, filled it with gradient.
For background used a picture of a city.

pict. no. 2. - GIFT TO THE LAKE FAIRY - In the picture you can see the
author of these designs, as a fairy. The hand reaching out with the
butterfly is also mine. Only the butterfly is "stolen". Background is a
picture also taken by me. In reality, the water of this artificial lake
named Ledinachko jezero is incredibly green. Afther putting all the elements
together, used colour balance and added the blue margin.

pict. no. 3. - MY MOM'S ROSE - This is my mom's rose. Used it as a
background too applying middle values of gaussian and motion blur, and added
a bit of gradiant fill with green and black.

Hope you like my creations!


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