Jim Myer

Runner-Up in Photoshop Design Contest.

Will be Receiving PSDownloads Pkg.

Hi Orion!
As a documentary and educational film maker, funds have always been scarce and I could rarely afford to have one-sheets, video covers and so on designed by an outside source. So, I decided to start making them myself and picked up a copy of Photoshop.
Although I stumbled around and picked up a few basics on my own such as the concept of layering, learning Photoshop without help was intimidating and frustrating... a bit like trying to learn to fly an F-18 without an instructor! Specifically, the Photoshop program began to come alive when I found your site and began to learn about Gradients, the Pen, Erasure and Magic Wand tools, as well as a host of other tools.
The attached jpeg files are:
Poster for The American Field Trip Series, an educational film series distributed to secondary schools throughout the US.
Poster for Loretto's Angels, a film documentary about a true story in Santa Fe, NM. (in post-production).
Poster for Flyers, a screenplay I've written currently in submission.
These are original works designed and created by myself, but I did use a few stock (unfortunately low-rez) materials. Loretto's Angels is all original, using promotional photos and low-rez film grabs from the production.
In addition to learning how to create posters and the like, I've also created my own company web site using Photoshop elements as well as several other sites for my productions.
Even though I'm really just a beginner and have a long way to go, all of this has happened very quickly. Photoshop is actually quite easy and fast to use, once you have the right instructor!
Orion, thank you for your magnificent website and for all your help in opening up a whole world for me in graphic design!
Best wishes,
Jim Myer

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