Jackie Graham

Winner: Most Improved Student. 

Will receive upcoming AdvancedPhotoshop.com Video Tutorials (within 8 weeks)

As I really havenít got into the real nitty gritty of design, I am submitting 2 entries in the most improved designer area. The originals are in grayscale as they were ads and the entries are in colour but can be easily converted to grayscale for advertising.
My first introduction to Photoshop was in version 6 and the Classroom in a Book for learning. I learned the basics on how to use the program and took a couple of courses on Photoshop but all the courses concentrated on how to use the program but really didnít go into what it could do. I bought different books but couldnít seem to achieve anything more than how to use the program. When Photoshop CS came out, I knew I needed more than what I was getting and I began to check the internet for more creative help. I came upon the Photoshopdesign.net website and tried some of the free tutorials. I wanted to be able to do some of the design effects that were in some of the sample psdís. I purchased the Total course and I am still working on them. I am 59 years old and to learn new things takes me more time so I have to do some of the tutorials over and over. Without trying to score brownie points or lie, the Photoshop Designer course has been the most valuable investment I have made in my quest to learn and understand Photoshop.

Orion Williams not only teaches what Photoshop can do, he also shows you how to achieve these effects and add variables. He continues your education with free downloads and access to his portfolio which I find amazing as most designers are so protective of their work. I have learned that you can really organize your work with layer sets (Iím still working on understanding layer comps) and the effectiveness of gradients. I have downloaded and installed the freebies for styles, brushes etc. and have used them. I am still experimenting with layer masks but do find it a lot of fun to combine photos, do some blending and apply layer masks. As I continue to progress with the tutorials, I hope to become more valuable to my company and find the confidence to produce more exciting flyers and promotional materials. Tolerances, opacities, flow, fill, the various layer styles and what they mean (overlay, hard light, multiply etc) are all covered. The one complaint that I have (there goes my brownie points) is that you sometimes go too fast but there is always rewind. I also appreciate the subtle humour throughout the tutorials.
Who says you canít teach an old dog new tricks.

Jackie Graham
Minitube Canada

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