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-Learn how to get Proven results while you easily use 'real world' skills like a pro.

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"Thank you.
I just discovered your website. It is great. I am in awe.
My eyes are open to a whole new world within my reach.

I look forward to producing a more polish product from this point."
-Arthur Baker : Del Star Photography

Throughout this page you will hear statements both from online students and customers.

From: Orion Williams

May 19, 2007

6:28 PM


Dear Photoshop Designer,

Do you feel right now that you can fully express your creative visions with Adobe Photoshop? 

There's no doubt that you are a person of vision and also a very 'visual' person just for being here...but are you where you want to be at with Photoshop right now?  Do you have a hard time finding people that would really teach you?  Do you have unlimited time and money to spend to get the results you want? 

You and I both know that Photoshop is the tool that the best graphic designers in the world use.  If you want to be one of them, you just need the right knowledge.

If you haven't yet reached your Photoshop and graphic design goals or the level you really want to be at, then keep on reading or unfortunately you could spend a lot more ineffective time on an arduous journey maybe someday to become a professional graphic designer...

With that said,  I'm Orion Williams, webmaster of the Discover Photoshop Network of websites, and Adobe Photoshop CS - Certified Expert.  I believe you're here for a want to more fully harness the power of Photoshop for what you can do with it.  I personally welcome you to the world of Photoshop Designer; where anything is possible with Photoshop

I hope you're enjoying my free tutorials and downloads that simply teach you what no one else out there will.  If you don't have anything free yet, then keep reading to find out more about that later.

▪  I have trained 10,000's of Photoshop user's worldwide with my online Photoshop tutorials, Photoshop websites and supplemental training products.

  I have been to 3 PhotoshopWorld Conferences and am a member of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals).

  I am an Adobe Certified Expert for Photoshop CS. 

Adobe Certified Expert

▪  I am also a professional graphic designer who leads by example and has spent 1,000's of hours in Photoshop- it's what I do. 


"...I'm sure these were entirely photoshopped and finished thanks to your tutorials. The problem with your newsletters is that they are full of so usefull tips, details and inspiration that one have to go back and back again, the tutorial I cannot use in my immediate work, I'll be certainly come back to for my future project...

...These days, with hundreds of books and million of web tutorials on the Photoshop, it is relatively easy to find what you need. However, your dedication and passion for the matter is not that easy to find elsewhere. Thanks again and, as allways, keep us lectured and skilled."
Kind regards, Dalibor Marinkovic                                                 

Wherever you're at with Photoshop; whether struggling, starting out or experienced in a few key areas, it's sometimes hard to see EVERYTHING that you can really do with Photoshop.  The reality is, Photoshop does hold the power for you to edit images and communicate your visions on a world class level.   It's what the world's top image editor's and graphic designer's use and it holds the potential to release your creative vision. 

You'll also find out how you can get instant free access to 1,000 downloads & finished designs.

Make sure you sign up here for the Free PSDer (which I publish) to keep you on the inside loop of Photoshop/Design training.  Over 7000 subscribers.

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I respect your privacy & will never sell or release your information. You can opt-out at any time. 

Whether you're a graphic designer, photographer, web designer, etc. you probably want to be on top of the game-even if Photoshop is just a hobby.  Well today my friend I have good news for you; your Photoshop dreams can come true!  You can now easily learn how to harness the power of Photoshop for image-editing (which is a snap) but more importantly for expressing yourself visually with it's powerful tools.  The best part?

You don't have to go to graphic design or vocational school and spend that kind of money or time to get real-world results.

I tell you, I was so frustrated that I couldn't find how to learn graphic design (using Photoshop of course) that I decided to take 6 months of 12 hour days alone just to figure it out.  I don't think you have that kind of time to figure things out!?  I would look at graphic design from all kinds of genres including movie posters, flyers, brochures, websites, etc. and replicate them with my own resources. 

This instilled the discipline and training I needed to produce easily on my own after understanding the different elements involved within Photoshop of different genres of graphic design.  I went at learning with a purpose because I was almost mad that no one else was teaching this, the real world stuff and I didn't have the money to spend so instead I put half a year specifically into getting really good at any genre of graphic design.

Why is this important to you?  Because you can now cut years off of your 'real-world Show-me-the-money" learning curve and save yourself thousands of dollars.  Remember that unless you're inside at an ad agency AFTER your degree, it's going to be hard to find anyone else willing to share their secrets.  Most importantly, you'll take the absolute fastest route (by learning and applying these secrets I'm going to introduce you to) to becoming a professional Photoshop designer.

Even though I'm as good as any top designer out there, I'm not in competition with them so I don't mind sharing all of the inside-industry secrets...those that would otherwise take years to learn (they want to keep their jobs and secrets to themselves, naturally). 

I would rather help you become a successful Photoshop Designer than to have to go through what I went through, because I know that it will save you thousands of dollars, lots of time and get you straight to where you want to be. 

Introducing, the result of blood, sweat and Photoshop Designer Training.  It's all 'real-world' graphic design secrets that can and will boost your level of Photoshop productivity and quality through the roof-GuaranteedYou don't have to spend that kind of money to consider going to a graphic design college (uh-oh) because I will show you all kinds of Photoshop techniques so you can start applying immediately.

Introducing...The Photoshop Designer Package.  It's the Photoshop tutorial training and powerful training supplements to take you where you want to be with Photoshop.

Photoshop Designer Package

Inside the Design & Photoshop Techniques:

2 DVD + 2 CD

-Over 5 hours of Photoshop videos

-119 Photoshop Video Tutorials

-Dozens of step-by-step design projects

-Montage tutorials, photo retouching, PS Projects from scratch

-'Inside the Design' on flyers, movie posters, & more

More info below

"Inside the Design" DVD which talks in depth about how real-world industry grade designs were created (the things no one else will teach you).

Learning Photoshop

Inside the Design DVD covers flyers, movie posters, Nuera, and also photo retouching with 44 video tutorials.

You'll also receive the Photoshop Designer: Techniques / Montage DVD with 75 Photoshop Video Tutorials.  These teach you from scratch how to create some cool PS effects or processes such as:

- Matrix Text Effect

- Wedding Photo Montages

- Transparent Text

- Torn Edges

- Clipping groups

- Paint in grey, colorizing, backscreening, popping out effect, scanlines, studio tarp, blending mode effects, web tabs, grid, depth of field, product backlighting, and much more

- Many real-world montage tutorials (turn basic image/foto editing into graphic design in a snap)

- Professional power of layer masking to mastery


That's 5 hours of in-depth Photoshop video training & tips with 119 video Photoshop tutorials to increase your skillset.

I've got great news...

Finally you can learn how to:

*Create designs that sell or develop a lifetime hobby

*Edit & retouch your Photos in no time like a pro

*Use inside secrets of professional graphic designers

*Design your own high quality graphic work & portfolio

*Never be stuck in a creative rut again

*Learn things you would have never learned about using Photoshop otherwise and save $1,000's of dollars

...and this is just the very tip of the Iceberg!

The PhotoshopDesigner training includes many important supplemental training aids that no one else is offering which will give you even more of an inside edge into how real world design is done (how about interactive .psd files of finished designs?)...keep reading to find out more..

Check out my 2 latest designs (click to enlarge):

These tutorials and .psd's right below are also included..

You'll be designing in no time!  I will get you there and fast-just apply my easy-to-learn training (also with the powerful Bonus tools) that so many have benefited from.  The Photoshop Designer Package is just what you need if you're an experienced Photoshop user but want to really learn the 'inside secrets'. 

Here are just a few benefits of what you will learn with the Photoshop Designer Package

-How to operate within the Photoshop environment: on an intermediate to advanced level and how to use Photoshop for actual graphic design work including what shortcuts and tools to use.  I go through "Inside the Design" in addition to step by step tutorials to show you how real professional designs are made.

-Wedding photo exercises/designs (create gorgeous and effective wedding templates)

-How to touch up and restore photos for much improved results in a matter of minutes (sometimes seconds)!

-Understand & master the power of layers (the fundamental of all digital design). If you're serious about graphic design you're going to love this training which is covered throughout everything I do to get you operating on your own a.s.a.p.

-How to use the power of stock photography (royalty-free) to quickly create beautiful designs in less than a minute (you won't believe how easy it is once you see it).  Even if you're a novice, you'll love this professional technique because you get results FAST.

-Combining multiple tools in getting a quick and fast selection.  It's important for you to get great selections because they will produce your new graphic design layers, the fundamental of all design.  You will understand how to use these on an advanced level.

-Dozens of practical exercises in using Photoshop to create specific designs & projects (which you can easily recreate Step-by-Step).  These include the Matrix text effect, web buttons, transparent text, product backgrounds and much much more all from scratch!

-Live poster design - watch me work against the clock and Learn how I think and use Photoshop's tools so you can directly apply these advanced graphic design techniques in your Photoshop and workflow.

-Typography in Action to finish off great designs & much much more!  We're talking Mega Photoshop Training here!  The stuff that you won't find anywhere else.

-Party flyers, fantasy posters, movie posters, and much more in the 20 hours of training in the Total Package!................& much more!!


-Understanding and using vectors and the shape tools (create the kind of images you see in commercial advertising & design)...

-Montages (my super specialty): basics through advanced techniques & dozens of examples

-Get a very educated feel for the practical use of blending modes and how you can apply them in design

-The practical and instant professional power of layer masks and their applications (covered in dozens of tutorials to make sure you understand layer masking and its importance in pro design).  Now you can "hide" pixels and create smooth or fading blends in any image (used in 90% of all movie posters)

-In-depth gradient tool and gradient layer masking

-Use the Free Images Bonus CD to design posters and art of your very own (there are hundreds of pro nitelife/club photo's alone which are perfect for creating your own us what you can do!) Available only with the Total Package. I am one of the top club photographers in the U.S.

s. jayasinghe

Photoshop Design Contest Winner & PSDer Subscriber

Do you REALLY want to learn how to maximize Photoshop for what you can do with it?! 

Always wonder how the best of the best do what they do?  There's a whole world around us filled with consciously created visual appeal (advertising, marketing..) and we're all influenced by it whether we know it or not.  I'll take you inside the design workflow and show you how to use Photoshop through countless dozens of practical exercises (this is in addition to all of the basic & technical Photoshop 'skills' training) so you can start to produce on this 'universal' level.

What you want to do as a designer is end up with impressive visual results that communicate the exact idea or general concept you had in mind; I show you many ways to get there and what tools to use.   Put my quality training to use and log the hours in Photoshop and you will skate ahead (it is imperative you do this as much as you can if you want to be an advanced amateur or pro). 

I can't do your actual designing for you, but when you apply your new education, the power & leverage of a faster learning curve (and insight on how you can produce real graphic design) is now in your hands.  So go for it tiger.  Show 'em what you can do with the #1 image editing program in the world (and your vision) and the Photoshop Designer Training!

Here we step in on a tutorial in progress (shhhh)..

"...Here you would add some Text with your type tool. Think about text as something that would synergize and complement the entire design... 

Photoshop Design Tutorials

..This being a movie style poster, you will want to create your fantasy names or real names) at the top of the design. Use a smaller font. You definitely want these to be legible and there are a few fonts that will work all of the time like Minion and Times New Roman or Trajan...

Photoshop Tips

..You may have to move the layer up in the layers palette because when you create new layers or start entering text, it will be placed right above the layer that you were on.  Press Ctrl/Cmd when you click new layer icon to put a new layer below the currently highlighted layer...."

This is just one of dozens of Photoshop Design tutorials of mine

Now any even slightly savvy computer user can produce quality design and understand Photoshop in minimal time.  A whole new world does await you.  Learn how to express yourself: visually while mastering the pure digital power of Photoshop.

I teach you the things they won't even teach you in graphic design school (where on earth can you even start to learn the techniques of designing movie posters?!)  Learn to use Photoshop that will produce powerful and quick results.  Even if you are an intermediate Photoshop user, you are guaranteed to have countless "aha" moments throughout the training program.

What is your potential?

Each person is unique and has many things to express.  What do you have to express?  Maybe you just need the right tools!  Tools are leverage and knowledge is power (these are Universal Truths).  You now have the opportunity to "take the bull by the horns" with Photoshop as you become it's master.  This training will get you there and covers it all to give you that Photoshop power that you dream of.

Don't reinvent the wheel (stubbornly learning yourself), but rather harness the state of mind and knowledge of others who are already there (insider techniques and workflow) so you too can tap into the full freedom of creativity to express yourself and your visions.  It is truly a great feeling to effectively express yourself this way-Visually.  To be able to create design that not only makes you feel good but SELLS and meets industry quality standards.  Remember that with your permission, I will be your mentor.

Knowledge = Power  and $ = you figure it out!

The bottom line?  It's really your portfolio that counts.  The showcase of your skills to primarily yourself (I think) or your clients.  It all comes down to what you can do rather than what a piece of paper says (or what you say you can do!).  And what you can do comes down to what you know.  We are in a results driven society (esp. on the internet now).  A degree can be important and a solid mark on your resume, BUT IF YOU CAN'T PRODUCE you'd better start or it doesn't matter if you have a degree or not (GET OUT THE KITCHEN!).  Employers & clients are looking for people who can get the job done.  Whatever your reason, with the Photoshop Designer Training, you will now be able to start designing and developing your own portfolio or "book" in almost no time!  And that's making the most use of of Photoshop!

I want you to be inspired by my work and who you are learning from.  I have a true passion for Photoshop and graphic design; the very thought of making a new design makes me tingle with joy.  The idea of the new boundaries which I've yet to break and explore in design thrills me!  The further I go, the further I realize I have yet to go (=it's time to get started if you haven't!) and I want you to have that same level of appreciation for the art.

"I just wanted to say thank you for sharing what you have learned..I feel that Like you I Have a love/passion for graphic design.. and your work is very inspiring..
again thank you for your hard work."

Lan Nguyen

There's no need to struggle or putz around with Photoshop & trying to figure out how to design like a pro anymore matter what level you're at.  It's time to touch up your images like a pro and create or expand your portfolio so you have something to be really proud of.  Soon you can offer your services as a retoucher, image-editor, web designer, graphic designer or just enhance your own skill-set as a hobbyist & Photoshop guru. 

The student is ready and the teacher/master has appeared.  Are you ready to really become a Photoshop Designer, oh young apprentice?  If you're at all ready to finally just "take on" Photoshop, you're going to be blown away by the powerful Designer bonuses that you'll soon read about (you won't believe it)!

You can pick up bits and pieces of Photoshop here and there in books and on the web.  Learn some cool tips or how to make a liquid lava effect on dozens of Photoshop sites online (and that's great), but where can you actually LEARN PHOTOSHOP?  I'm talking COMPLETE PHOTOSHOP training (mentioned later) that walks you through step-by-step everything you need to know to take it into the stratosphere!? 

Career designers are going to hate me for this but I don't care... 

I want to give you the gift of really learning Photoshop and then the secrets to creating great industry quality design so you don't have to spend years trying to figure it out for yourself

With the Photoshop Designer training, soon you will be operating smoothly in Photoshop and can be distributing your Photoshop images and work via email, uploading to the web or publishing in print to share with your friends and colleagues!  You will have the tremendous feeling of satisfaction in creating your own beautiful designs in Photoshop (well beyond just basic image editing and enhancement); I'm talking things you never thought possible that you can do with images!

What would you be able to do if you could look at real world designs and break them apart and move the layers around in Photoshop?!  Would that help you learn?  It's helped my students learn a lot about real world design.  This is the inside level of training that I'm talking about.  Cut all the wasted time and skip straight to what counts; the REAL WORLD professional Photoshop designing.

Are you a visual person? 

There is lots of money to be made in design.  This training will help get you there.  Look around you; everywhere you go you see billboards, magazines, movie posters, ads, flyers, brochures; all of these had to made by someone and they are getting paid for it; why not you too?  Advertisements and website's today need to attract and hold people's attention and companies are looking for qualified designers.  This is your chance to get going in the right direction and FAST.  Here is someone who took my training to get the job done himself...

Graphic Design tricks

"As a documentary and educational film maker, funds have always been scarce and I could rarely afford to have one-sheets, video covers and so on designed by an outside source. So, I decided to start making them myself and picked up a copy of Photoshop.."

"..Although I stumbled around and picked up a few basics on my own such as the concept of layering, learning Photoshop without help was intimidating and frustrating... a bit like trying to learn to fly an F-18 without an instructor! Specifically, the Photoshop program began to come alive when I found your site and began to learn about Gradients, the Pen, Erasure and Magic Wand tools, as well as a host of other tools.."

..."In addition to learning how to create posters and the like, I've also created my own company web site using Photoshop elements as well as several other sites for my productions.  Even though I'm really just a beginner and have a long way to go, all of this has happened very quickly. Photoshop is actually quite easy and fast to use, once you have the right instructor!  Orion, thank you for your magnificent website and for all your help in opening up a whole world for me in graphic design!"

Best wishes,
Jim Myer


Here's a quick look at the level of training you'll be learning from...


Start by creating a new document. This one is 521 X 837 @ 150 dpi (because of the source document I copied from).

You are automatically on the background layer. Now go to the gradient tool ďGĒ. Double click on the gradient window to bring up the gradient editor.  You are going to create color stops here that are similar to these colors.  Click below the bar to create a new color stop or double click to edit a current one.  This technique is taught in video in my Basic Photoshop DVD Training.

Note that I usually donít give you exact color coordinates. This is because I want you to be thinking as a Photoshop designer and it also helps develop your eye if you want to go exactly off of me (hehe). Remember you can open a document in Photoshop and use the eyedropper tool in the color chooser for your gradient stops to get the exact color your looking for from any open document in the workspace.  After you have chosen your color stops to look something like this (4-5 of them in slightly different light purple shades) name your gradient and click New.

Now go ahead and swipe at an angle across the background layer.

Now that youíve created the nice pink gradient and swiped it at a diagonal on your background layer; go ahead and get your main character. This is going to be a nice portrait design and the better the quality of your original source images = the much better end quality potential of the design.

On the source image document youíll need to get a selection of your star character. You can use many methods within Photoshop. Here Iím using the magic wand (ĎWí) on a medium tolerance of 20. This will select the background maroon pixels.

Now you can right click and choose select inverse to close in on the desired image. The art of the selection is a worthy endeavor because I myself an still striving to perfect it.  It really depends on what situation you are in because there are a multitude of tools that you can use to get a perfect selection. These are covered in the Basic Photoshop training program from

Now switch to the moVe tool and drag your selection (from within the selected area) over to the document that youíre working on. In this case Iíve brought over two different images of my friend from the same professional photo shoot.

Being very experienced in Photoshop I know that I have powerful blending modes that will instantly make a perfect match into the design as you will soon see.

I used the circular marquee tool holding down the shift key for a perfect circle and moved it into exact position by clicking within the circle to get the circular selection in place above the object.

Use the moVe tool and drag it over into the design.

Now be aware of your layer order. You may have to move it below the top layers in the layers palette (depends on which layer you were last on) because in this case, we want it as part of the background (naturally). Try out some different blending modes. There are several that will work in this case...find something that you like.

Here is the power of the blending modes like youíve never seen them. Since we have such a clean source image, duplicate it (like I usually do) and change the blending mode of the replicate layer to Hard Light (it will depend on your actual source images). This creates a perfect higher contract immediately by mixing the light levels of the two layers. Hard Light (& Overlay) is my favorite blending mode just because itís hardcore and effective for most circumstances Iím in. Here it just creates a healthier glow with shinier skin!

Soft light works here to blend this duplicate image (which Iíve used the moVe tool to place it over and a little under off to the right). You could also just lower the opacity........

a few steps later...

...Now letís add a little more vector balance to this design to top it off even more. This is just taking it to the next level. Can you feel the balance of bitmap (ie. photo) and vector (ie. text, shape)? In graphic design you want to create feelings and emotion that synergize with your target audience. These are created in a visual manner but can trigger internal emotions and (hopefully) positive references or associations from a personís internal state. Ok, I got an ďAĒ in psychology at U of Hawaii Manoa.

Just use the brush on a spaced apart setting (move the slider bar to the right from its condensed default) and maybe some ĎScatteringí in that dialog box or Angle/Size Jitter under Shape Dynamics.

The goal here is to add just the right balance of feminine power and beauty so donít create too many condensed flowers. Oh yes, make sure you create a new blank layer to paint these onto with your foreground color of choice (here...a pure dove white..interesting how it becomes more than just Ďwhiteí).

Change the blending modes if you want. Either way you canít really harm the design at this level and a screen effect will also work nicely.  You can see how the selected flowers start to mix light with the layers beneath on Overlay.

You can duplicate the layer, Ctrl click on the layer icon and then swipe the background purplee gradient across (that weíve created earlier) to fill the flowers with the same color theme purple. This is also another option (taught in some other tutorials also)...and then changing the blending mode. Turn the layers off and on with the eyeballs in the layers palette.

To finish off the design you can add an inner stroke to the background layer. Click on the background layer in the layers palette (our perrty pastel gradient) and click on the lower left icon to bring up your first option of Stroke to go right to the Stroke layer style dialog box. Choose a Fill Type of Gradient and then choose a color gradient that has something in common with the design.

Change the angle if you want and use either linear or reflected to cover the entire width of the stroke (border). You can also change the scale to sharpen the effect or soften it out.

Use the white flowers or the gradient ones..itís up to you. I canít believe Iím teaching this! These are the inside secrets that no one will share with makes me feel a little vulnerable but for a good cause-your education!  Enjoy!


Just imagine what all the other tutorials can do for advancing your Photoshop skill!


"Thanks to PhotoshopDesigner the most that I expected was the less (beginning of) that I got.
Trade this knowledge on stock exchange. Graphic design school here is your
-Tremayne Johnson


"..hello its me cary here are my last two designs for the contest. the first one is a flyer i did using one of your tutorials the club one with the big 32 on it. last one is a flyer i did which i got paid for kool i used layer masking and the hue color thing. thanx i'm learnin alot more then i did at college" cary candelario


Take a look at what some of my other students are doing (opens in a new window)


and Keep reading to find out more...

Photoshop Tools Training TutorialsPhotoshop Video Training

Do you know how easy it is to improve and edit your photographs or to start graphic designing with Photoshop?  (A few of Photoshop's editing tools alone are worth the cost of the software).  It is so easy to fix worn-out photographs, make enhancements, correct exposure, even remove someone from the background or place them in another picture.  Your friends will be jealous.  Do you know what you are capable of when you finally can work freely within Photoshop?  You'd be so dangerous you might have to be locked up!

Let me put it this way: Every product ad, movie poster, flyer, brochure, magazine cover, professional photo, marketing campaign, billboard, cd cover, product packaging, poster, and website either was made in Photoshop or had something to do with it.  I'm talking everything in the deliberately created visual world around you basically boils down to Adobe Photoshop (or it's lesser competitors and supplementary software ie. Illustrator, InDesign).  Photoshop Reigns as King and all the top designers in the world use it (but you already know that). 

Photoshop Design Student 

thanks for all your help! it's made me a much better designer

expansion designs (barton smith)

The worst thing you can do is continue to sit there not knowing what to do with the world's most powerful (2-D) software right in front of you!  I know what that feeling's like because I used to be there, but I don't want you taking years of your life to get to a level you can be at in a few short weeks or months (it took me many years).  If you're finally taking Photoshop seriously (or thinking about it) you're in the right place at the right time because this Photoshop Designer training can do for you what it's done for many others. 

But your secret is that you wouldn't have spent years of your life and $1,000's of dollars getting there!

Did you Ever Wonder: "How did they do that!?"  Ever wonder why you can never really learn the inside "good stuff" that you see everyday around you?  Ever look at great posters or designs and wish you could do that?  Don't have a clue with how to even START using Photoshop?!  Here's your chance to really 'get somewhere' with Photoshop!  In the training I teach you how to combine all of Photoshop's different tools and elements specific to each genre of design to produce on that universal standard of quality.  Now you can design just like the highest paid pro's!

It's nice that 10,000's of people worldwide are benefiting from my Photoshop training (both customers & online visitors) but it's what YOU can do with the training that really matters.  It's useless until you take it in your own hands and make progress to achieve your creative or professional goals.

"I want to take this opportunity to tell you that this is a wonderful way to see how much your tutorials teach others to become more comfortable and knowledgeable about Photoshop and all it's tools. Thanks to you I have made huge improvements in all my "creations" and I have (only) you to thank for it!...Thank you Orion! You constantly keep me motivated to keep on Photoshopping."

Your Fan,
Catz              Contest Winner: Most Improved Designer

Click here to read 200 other testimonials in a separate window.


The student is ready (you) and the teacher/master has appeared (me). 

Are you ready to really become a Photoshop Designer oh young apprentice?

Are you ready to learn what no one else will teach you about graphic design in Photoshop?  Could you 'handle that'?  My Photoshop Designer training will get you there.

As with taking on any new challenge, there is some learning curve involved but if you can effectively learn from someone else who has what you want (in any area) and you can learn from them; you can save potentially years of your life by getting straight through to the direct information that counts (the gold mine).  When you get my full Designer Training today you are going to get some additional very powerful and invaluable Photoshop design training products.  I'm talking 1,000 downloads and much more with (near) instant access (after your order is approved).

Movie Poster Tutorials


You can get all of my complete training FREE for 15 days at the very bottom.


Just how good is this training that I'm talking about?  Just read 100's of testimonials of my students (from both my free online training and paying customers) to see the quality of Photoshop training I'm talking about.  If I've done it for others, I can do it for you too!  Guaranteed.  Keep reading to see how you can cut years of learning curve away. 


"...I bought different books but couldnít seem to achieve anything more than how to use the program. When Photoshop CS came out, I knew I needed more than what I was getting and I began to check the internet for more creative help. I came upon the website and tried some of the free tutorials. I wanted to be able to do some of the design effects that were in some of the sample psdís. I purchased the Total course and I am still working on them.

                     Before & After


I am 59 years old and to learn new things takes me more time so I have to do some of the tutorials over and over. Without trying to score brownie points or lie, the Photoshop Designer course has been the most valuable investment I have made in my quest to learn and understand Photoshop. Orion Williams not only teaches what Photoshop can do, he also shows you how to achieve these effects and add variables. He continues your education with free downloads and access to his portfolio which I find amazing as most designers are so protective of their work.

..I am still experimenting with layer masks but do find it a lot of fun to combine photos, do some blending and apply layer masks. As I continue to progress with the tutorials, I hope to become more valuable to my company and find the confidence to produce more exciting flyers and promotional materials. Tolerances, opacities, flow, fill, the various layer styles and what they mean (overlay, hard light, multiply etc) are all covered.

...The one complaint that I have (there goes my brownie points) is that you sometimes go too fast but there is always rewind. I also appreciate the subtle humour throughout the tutorials.  Who says you canít teach an old dog new tricks.   Jackie Graham    -Minitube Canada        Winner: Most Improved Student      

Click here to read 200 other testimonials in a separate window.


So with everything that I've talked about, you know that if you went the traditional route or tried to figure things out on your own you would spend a lot more time and money to get that far.  Well, you can cut right through all of that and get straight to the good stuff with Photoshop immediately (TODAY).  You've also seen examples of my student's work.  To view some of my work click here to open another window.


The level of quality and knowledge with the Photoshop Designer Package is powerful and will save you so much stress, because you'll cut right to the chase.  I think that's a great deal compared to the thousands of dollars you'll spend and level of dedication to going the more traditional 'educational' route, where even if you're slightly interested and just want to know their secrets, this is still such a leveraged situation for your personal growth.

You may already be enjoying my PSDer Ezine and PhotoshopDesign.NET but if you're ready for Complete Photoshop Design Training then you'll want to get my Photoshop Designer Package of the 2 Jam-Packed Tutorial DVD's of insider secrets.  But here's where I'm coming from, I want YOU to have the most value because that's what I expect when I purchase anything so before I tell you the price, I want to also include the following bonuses.  When you order now you'll also receive.

BONUS #1:      Photoshop CS Features CD

(Value $15)

Photoshop CS Tutorials

Photoshop CS is a Photographer & Designer's DREAM with all of the hot new upgrades and features!  I take you into an understanding how to use and apply them.  There are Hot new Tutorials on:


-Red eye reduction & replacing color (with the new color replacement tool)

(Watch me turn an evil cat into a friendly cat, repaint a Bahamian Bar and more)

-Customizing keyboard shortcuts (new powerful control for advanced users)

-The Spanking New File Browser (which also acts as a lightbox)

-Automating contact sheets/picture packages (easily create final productions)

-Creating MetaData Templates, entering & programming searchable MetaData

(easily search & organize your entire file library: perfect for photographers or designers!)

-Using the Photomerge feature to create picturesque panoramas

-The Miracle working New Shadow/Highlight Adjustment (you WON'T believe your eyes as I turn pitch black shadow into visible light...imagine what you can do on some of your photos!)

-Typing on a path (designers have been asking for it for years)

-The new Filter Gallery (preview several filters together)

-16 Bit Pixel support, Non-square pixel support (for DVD/TV producers)

-Layer comps (show your client several versions of a file) & much more!


BONUS #2:  2,000 Free Images Bonus CD (Value $49)
This Bonus CD is filled with over 2,000 quality photographs that you can actually work and design with and they cover many categories such as nature, architecture, people and beaches.  If you're not a photographer, its hard to work with images you can actually use, publish, distribute or print (without paying for royalty-free stock photography or worrying about Copyright infringement).  So I supply you with these to get you started designing.  They are to help you in learning design and get you moving fast in the right direction (the opposite of stumping your growth or staring at a blank new document).


Over 2000 images you can use for personal graphic design or postproduction including:

Picturesque Panoramas




Virtually the Entire Clubnetwerk/ Photographic Portfolio

Including Pro Photography from Nightclubs around the U.S. and world: from Miami to Malaysia.

This portfolio alone is very valuable because (as well as a professional graphic designer) I am also one of the top nightclub photographers in the U.S.  (you must follow my included EULA for use of the Bonus Images CD)


Hello Mr. Williams, I just want to say how great your tutorials are, they really have help me to discover a lot in Photoshop, I'm new in the Design Industry, and a While back I purchased the Photoshop designer from you, It's fantastic and very very helpfull. I know i have made a great purchase.


I've single-handedly spent thousands of hours studying and learning Photoshop and graphic design (breaking it down from the best of the best) and recreating it to give to you my entire knowledge base in this "insider secret's only" Photoshop training.

How much would you realistically expect to pay for Photoshop training like this?  $497?  $297?

I am pleased to announce that it is now only $97 for PhotoshopDesigner Package.  Earlier this year I was selling the same training for twice as much with satisfied customers and brought the price down AND Added even more bonuses to the Training to make it even more valuable for you.

For the insider 'real-world-no-holds-barred' Photoshop training it's worth 10 Times this amount because of what it will do for your Photoshop skill...But that's not all...I'm also including these following special & advanced training materials in the Photoshop Designer Package which are just going to blow you away because I WANT to overdeliver to make sure that you are receiving an abundance of value and making it one of the best investment's you've ever made.  When you order the PhotoshopDesigner Package Now you'll also receive these powerful, invaluable & instantly downloadable Photoshop Designer Products:

Note: I cannot guarantee I will have these all available at any given time but when you order now you will get all of these following bonuses.


ITEM #3:      iPSD Flyer Designer Series

(Value $29) Also sold separately

Downloadable-Instant* Access

60 Top-quality FINISHED Flyer Designs with annotations for you to interact with in Photoshop.  Learn the exciting balance of vector and bitmap and see what makes up a real world design.  Click here to view the 'sexy 60' thumbnails or to read (a lot) more about the Flyer Series.. click here



*You will receive downloadable access instructions shortly after your order is processed.

ITEM #4:      Club Poster/NuEra Dvd Set

(not instant download for obvious reason) (Value $29) Also sold separately

5 1/2 Hrs of Training &142 Add'l Tutorials

Click Below for a Sample Clip

View Sample

Expand your Photoshop versatility by exploring these two very exciting genres of graphic design (Club & Fantasy).  You will understand and learn how to harness blending mode magic throughout the dozens of C-Poster designs.  WARNING: This disc may be a little intimidating for beginners without first going through the Entire Basic Training.

You will understand and see the power of blending modes and layers in the breakdown and creation of this exciting, nightlife oriented genre which you can easily duplicate.  Learn how to create beautiful fantasy style designs and posters by going "Inside the Design" with the Nuera Design Series.

Click any disc to find out more information

 Disc 1:                  Disc 2:

NuEra & C-Poster                                C-Posters   


ITEM #5:      42 Photoshop Design (+ 60 Basic PS) Tutorials 

on printable PDF format (613 pages).  ($49 Value) Below are some of the design tutorials featured.

You will also receive the accompanying .psd file of the design itself in the iPSDirectory Access (also included).  This is the exact same training that several of the people on this page are talking about!

Instant Download Access

  Photoshop Design Tutorials 

Ive printed and read your Basic Photoshop tutorials
and I may say, that I have been doing a part time studies course for 1
1/2 years now on desktop publishing which incorporates Photoshop and
this is the only time that I fully understand and got the full grasp of
the Basics of Photoshop when I read your manual, much, much better than
the school manuals and some Photoshop books that Ive read.


Your tutorials are well written and well visually laid out that even a newbie
like me will no doubt be able to follow the steps.
Now Im excited and
wish I'll get your DVDs sooner. -Nina Liddicoat, Australia



ITEM #6:    All New Photoshop Downloads Package ($39 retail)

Including everything you see listed below PLUS SOME ALL NEW SCRAPBOOKING DOWNLOADS

Photoshop Downloads & Tutorials


this & 37 other digital scrapovers for an instant downloadable scrapbook solution

(just bring your photos in)

Tons of royalty-free Photoshop Downloads for you to use in your work.

All customers can ask me any technical or creative Photoshop question simply by email & can upload your work anytime to the special Customer's Only Directory in the Photoshop Designer Galleries Forum.

ITEM #7:    Unlimited iPSDirectory Downloads ($39 retail)


Thanks very much Orion! You're a great trainer. One of the most helpful things you did in the past is give me access to completed images with layers so I could dissect how you achieved a particular effect. Let me know if you ever do more "one sheet " training.

Charlie leffingwell

Unlimited Download Access

-300 Finished graphic design style Photoshop .psd's to choose from (any or all)

-12 different genres of design & directories to choose from (3 samples are listed below)

-Click here or below to browse over 900 MB of Photoshop designs



   C-Poster                          One Sheet                     NuEra/Fantasy

Here are some sample Directories from the iPSDirectory (which features over 300 downloads...the iPSD Flyer Series has 60 separate of it's own) which you can browse from to choose the designs you want.  All designs covered in the Photoshop video tutorials are included in the iPSDirectory to help you learn. 


This is a great opportunity to see how real world design is done & looks in Photoshop. 

Virtually my ENTIRE Photoshop design Portfolio with 100's of designs are available to you in the .psd format itself.  These are the complete finished designs which you can break apart and study INTERACTIVELY in your Photoshop.  The value of this access is well worth more than the price of the Photoshop Designer Package and is not available to all viewers (note the deadline).  You will not find any other designer who would grant you this kind of access (but I am not in competition with them and I know I'm good.. I would rather spread a legacy and inspire others than working 'by the hour').

You have over 900 MB of interactive .psd files to choose from.  Feel Free To Browse the Directory at any time.  When you order now you will secure your unlimited access rights.  If you really want to take your design skills to the next level you can't miss out on this rare opportunity. 

Bonus ITEM #8:  Your own Free Online Virtual Portfolio the special 'Customer's Only' section.  Upload an unlimited amount of your Photoshop design or photography work onto my most popular Photoshop related website (1200+ visitors/day) for the world to see.  Users can rate your work as well as critique it if they want to.  Share your work with others and send them the link to your portfolio. 

I can also critique your work at no charge and give you suggestions to improve.  You are also welcome to join my other ongoing training newsletters if you haven't already.


That's only $97 (+S&H) for everything you see listed above when you order now.

Order Below

"The Photoshop Designer (video) training has improve my skills and knowledge of Photoshop way past my expectations. I purchase the full package and after just one week of view some of the DVD's I was able to put together sample designs to show to prospective clients and landed 4 paying jobs..."

"...The fullfilling part of is, I was more versed in vector design programs(Corel Draw) to do t-shirt designs and stuff and have only been using Photoshop for about a year and a half. Now to me that's results..."

"..The training has been a great help to me and I would definitely recommend this training to those who really want to get into really learning Photoshop and not have to worry about being overwhelmed."

-Brandon Spain

Contest Winner: Best Student Designer

Click here to read 200 other testimonials in a separate window.

"I just wanted to thank you for creating the best photoshop training DVD's I
have ever had. After watching the CD's I was able to create four very nice
posters for a local band. I always knew the basics of photoshop, but was
never able to use the basics to create some great digital art.

When I went to Kinkos to have my posters printed. The clerk behind the
counter was so impressed. He hired me to create a poster for his band.

Once again, thanks for the great training."      -Kevin Ginyard,  Maryland

"You have a lifetime customer in
me so I'll be getting something from you soon.

Have a happy and safe holiday season with your family!
God bless!"    -Howie

"So much appreciate it for your kind and quick respond on my request, I trust
your profesional service and your high business reputation

Please let me know too if there is any new thing comes up. I am excited always to learn new things. Once again thank you."    -

Orion, Thanks for products & service, that Rocks!!


"Your products are awesome. I am going through the photoshop tutorials over the last two weeks and they have substantially increased my knowledge of the application in a fraction of the time I expected. I look forward to receiving these additional DVDs next week."

-Chris Grillo, Florida

"orion thanks a lot, and i'll let you know how i go on training OK? again THANK YOU i can't wait to have in my hand the TOTAL PACKAGE PHOTOSHOP TRAINING....IT'S SO GREAT where have you been ALL this time?..."



Take one full year to examine, exploit and put this training to work for you so you can spend your time getting work done in Photoshop.  That's right.  You can take 365 days to put the training to use and test it out for yourself.  Learn and use as much as you can.  I'm confident you'll NEVER want to send it back!  


But if you aren't satisfied for any reason, you don't like my use of colorful images, or it just doesn't live up to your expectations, you won't lose anything.  Just return the dvd's and I'll refund your entire payment - right up to day # 365!  In fact you can KEEP all of the downloads ($499 value) even if you decide to return the video training for a full-refund.  That's how confident I am in the level and quality of this training and how much I know it's going to help you with Photoshop 'uptime' and not 'downtime'.  100% 1 Year Satisfaction Guaranteed.  It's a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide and the downloads are yours to keep no matter what.


SO, to see a quick review of everything included in the Photoshop Designer Package, I've had to condense these down as best I could because it IS just jam-packed with so much good Photoshop training materials so here they are:  Remember that you get near-instant access to the downloads, pdf tutorials, and iPSD files which you can start using right away.  I think I need to mention again that you don't have to wait! 

Click here to start your Photoshop training & get tons of downloads A.S.A.P.

OR Join the Photoshop Design Desktop Messenger for FREE right now and I'll let you in on a VERY  special discount on this training for a limited time ONLY...


Download the Brand New Free Photoshop Design Messenger.


Just click "Open" to run the program right away. 


You'll also receive the best 'inside information' including tips, tricks, downloads and more that I won't share anywhere else including special discounts on Discover Photoshop training products.  All direct to your desktop before anyone else finds out about them!

The icon will sit next to your 'clock' on your desktop. Your info will be kept private.  This is not spyware. 

Privacy Policy


Here's what some of my customer's are saying...

"Thank you. It is good to know that you can do business with someone and if there is a problem they answer you promptly."
-Linda Caldwell, Brooklyn NY

"Thank you for your prompt reply. I've been in business for over 40 years and know how important it is to give good service and I really appreciate it when I find someone who also believes in and practices this basic principle."

-Jack Stacey

"I have purchased the Total Package and am very happy with it. This is just a short e-mail to send you a real world example of the styles that you teach..Keep up the good work. Thanks, "

-John A. Kauth Photographer and Graphic Artist, South Carolina

"I just wanna say thank's to you, because you helped me alot to understand how to learn graphics design especially in photoshop. Your tutorial is very good so i can design better, now i understand how to use the tools, retouching n many more. I hope you can always teach me about photoshop, because my skill was the basic. last, i really sorry about my english. once again thank's alot bro' ."


"Hi Orion:
I just purchased your DVD's and I wish to thank you for the fast response and complete answers you have given me. I am looking forward to working with your system. Thank You."

"Orion, I really appreciate all your help and your easy to follow tutorials and video's, I am learning something new everyday, I plan on starting a business soon, even though I am a beginner you have given me the confidence to succeed"   -John kline, California

"I just received the new download files. Purchasing the Photoshop Designer First Edition was
one of the best purchases I have made. Not only are the tutorials informative and helpful but the continued education is an unbelievable bonus. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge of Photoshop with us."
-Jackie Graham, Canada

"Photoshop Designer gives a unique approach to learning the basics of Photoshop and the motivation to create high quality artwork. Orionís generous offer to grant complete access to his portfolio pieces for analysis makes this a total package for graphic designers who want to uncover the secrets of the professional graphic artist. I wish I had access to this kind of training when I was new to Photoshop."

-Debbie May, Pennsylvania

"I have ordered several different training programs for Adobe Photoshop and the tutorials you get from Orion Williams are far and above anything I have found so far. Really enjoy them and learning at the same time. Thanks Orion!"  /...However, just as important, is
the service you provide. Not only do the DVDs arrive very quickly, but
when a problem occurs, you take care of it immediately.

-John P. Staples

More Testimonials


So are you ready to take the next GIANT step in your education?  I can teach many others but it's up to you to take care of yourself and develop your PS design skills and no one cares about it as much as you.  Don't let some of these people here be your competition..they could leave you in the dust if you don't take action to get to where you want to be with Photoshop. 


Can you handle the inside secrets of graphic design professionals? 


When you order now you will receive access instructions to over 100 Tutorials, 100's of Downloads, 100's of .PSD finished graphic designs to learn from and more within minutes of your order (before you get the rest of the training being shipped).  So what are you waiting for?!   Discover those secrets right NOW...


You can even keep ALL of the downloads if you want to return the video training for a full refund.  But remember that only when you order now are you guaranteed ALL of the additional Downloads.  Don't complain to me if you come back and missed some of the downloads.  Act Now!  Click here to get it all for only $97 (+S&H). 


No matter what level you're at with Photoshop, there's always more to learn!  If you're starting out or still feeling creatively limited at times, then you have reached the hidden treasure and you probably won't know where to start with all of the training (good for you)! 


Remember all of your bonus downloads as listed above are available INSTANTLY and are yours click here to order Photoshop Designer Tutorials Training and finally learn what no one else will teach you about graphic design and Photoshop and save $1,000's of dollars on 'traditional' education and surge ahead today! 


"Ask yourself this: Where else am I going to find out this level of information and how long would it take me to get to that level on my own?"  If you're ready, you're ready and remember that I've got a RISK-FREE Guarantee.  Order Now!


Photoshop Design DVD Tutorials


iPSDirectory       Photoshop Downloads Pkg.

Photoshop Designer Package


-PSDLoad Package (100's of Royalty-Free Instant Downloads & more-$39 Retail)

-Inside The Design DVD

-Techniques/Montages DVD

-Nuera/C-Poster Genre 2 DVD Set ($29 value)

-Photoshop CS Features & Tutorials CD ($15 value)

-iPSD Flyer Series Collection (60 .psd designs w/annotations) ($29 value)

-2000 Free Images CD

- Unlimited iPSDirectory Download Access (over 300 designs & 900 MB of finished graphic designs in the interactive .psd format) ($39 retail value)

-42 PhotoshopDesign.NET & 60 Basic PS tutorials ($49 value- Now both on 628 pages of pdf with the included in your PSDownLoad Package)

-60 Photoshop CS tips

Save Money and Order Now for Only $97 Photoshop Design Tutorials

You will have the opportunity to upgrade to the Total Package ($139) on the next page

(+ $8 S&H U.S.  2nd day shipping is available.)


International Orders:....

Photoshop Designer Package w/ International Shipping

Total Package w/International Shipping

If you feel that you are weak in certain areas of Photoshop itself, then you might want to add in the Basic Photoshop DVD Training Program.  This is what I call the Discover Photoshop: Total Package.  This upgrade is all of the training I offer and covers "how-to-use" all of Photoshop's powerful tools to lay a foundation for any serious Photoshop user, image editor or graphic designer with 250 Photoshop Video Tutorials: it's the perfect balance in Photoshop training at THE lowest price on the market today!  The Total Package includes everything above PLUS the Basic Training.


Basic Photoshop DVD Training Product Details

- Over 8 hours of Basic Photoshop DVD Tutorials Training on 4 DVD's
- Sturdy 4-pack Slimline DVD case for storing your Discs
- User-friendly menu based interface for easy navigation

- Intro videos & groovy music to navigate thru DVD menus

- Chapter contents inside case

- Access to all 60 Basic Photoshop Educational Series Tut's w/o having to wait for the email lessons

- Same 100% 90 day Money-Back Guarantee


I also have dozens of testimonials (for the Basic Photoshop training tutorials) from satisfied students including many

Before & After images of how the Basic Photoshop training has helped them here.  Take my word for it or look for yourself.


Basic Training comes with the Total Package.

Photoshop Design DVD Tutorials

Click to view a case design


Nothing happens in anything unless you get involved Many things are going to go on without you until you get involved.  Ever notice that?  There's no reason to be scared of (or bewildered with) Photoshop anymore.  You have no excuse!  If you're thinking that this might be right for your situation, I'm telling you it is.  You won't regret it; it's nonstop PS Power and training you won't find anywhere else!

Click here to start your Photoshop training & get tons of INSTANT downloads NOW

Want more info still?...

With Photoshop Designer Package, you'll actually see all of the elements of design involved right in front of your eyes and even learn how to apply different methods of using tools to achieve the same results to expand your possibilities.  You will finally become very comfortable operating within the Photoshop 7/CS work environment-Guaranteed!  You will soon be able to teach others Photoshop, digital image editing and graphic design secrets.  If you want it all, then get the Discover Photoshop Total Package which adds on the Basic Photoshop Training DVD set.

The Total Package itself is filled with over 20 hours of Photoshop training and 350+  video tutorials.  This is simply the best way for you to learn not only Photoshop, but graphic design!  (You can find out more information on each of the included discs at the bottom of the page.)  All you need is a DVD player/software.  No more spending $100's or $1000's of dollars just on how to use Adobe Photoshop.  The discs are jam-packed with real-life examples of how you can use Photoshop for anything from image enhancement, to red-eye reduction, to creating your own flyers and much more.  You will learn step-by-step & watch my workflow process.  View tutorials an unlimited number of times on your schedule. 


"Orion, Just had to drop you a note on your ..'Photoshop Designer' DVD series that I purchased in March 2004. I have gotten thru the first 2 DVD's; file basics and patterns selections and adjustments. I thought I had a good knowledge of Photoshop until you showed me in the DVD's how much I didn't know. I had been trying to teach myself Photoshop by purchasing magazines with cover cd's that had tut's on Photoshop and by reading the "gurus" books. Nothing, repeat nothing, comes close to your DVD's. It is like you are right here teaching me, one on one. The other tut's I got from the magazines did not come close to your easy to follow course. I would buy 3 magazines a month on Photoshop, each costing about $14.00, that is $42.00 a month. Just about each and every month. Now that I purchased your DVD collection for $97.00 I am only buying maybe one magazine a month. Your DVD collection is a steal at $97.00 for all the information that in in it, and I am only into the first 2 DVD's. My mind may not be able to contain all the Photoshop knowledge you have on the DVD's. I really want to thank you for the easy to understand way you go thru the lessons on the DVD's. It has give me the ability to get more out of Photoshop than with anything else. It seems to me like you want people to really understand Photoshop and some of the other "gurus" just want to sell books or tutorial cds. I am so glad I purchased the DVD collection. I was a little concerned at first because I never heard of you but I will tell anyone "NOW" that this guy, Orion Williams is "THE" Photoshop "guru" for the 21st century. STAY HEALTHY Keep up the good work."

 Sincerely, -Tom Novak

Click here to read 200 other testimonials in a separate window.


The Total Package used to sell for $297 a few months ago!  Now only $139-that's less than half price.  I'm not just saying this to make it look like a bargain (that's obvious).  I DID sell it for $297 and still had very satisfied customers and no refunds.  Now there's been more training added to it (downloads, ipsdirectory...) I did give them individual refunds when I changed the sale format to make it more affordable to everyone (also around the world).  But act soon because I will be raising the price shortly.  Click here to order with my 1 year guarantee with all of the INSTANT Downloads Risk-Free.

Orders are sent within 3-48 hours max. (on business days) - Downloads available shortly after you order.

Click here to start your Photoshop training & get tons of downloads A.S.A.P.

Enough of me talking; it's time for you to get designing!  Best Wishes on a productive and healthy career or hobby!  You have my personal guarantee on the quality of content for the entire program.  I recommend you take advantage of the offer NOW and download ALL of your bonus downloads so you can start using them immediately. 

I look forward to sharing with you in the PSDer, becoming your mentor and perhaps displaying YOUR designs on the site in the student gallery section.  Feel free to reach me via email with any questions and I'll be sure to reply as soon as possible.


Orion Williams

Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop CS


p.s. Remember, you get over 20 total hours of on-screen video training and over 500 tutorials with several killer bonuses in the Total Package.  Review any of the DVD video tutorials as many times as you like.  See exactly how its done onscreen-you see it in 'real time' as I go through the exact movements of what I'm teaching.  It's simply the best way to really learn all that Photoshop has to offer You're guaranteed to love it or your money back! 


p.p.s.  If you don't act now, then ask yourself what you are missing out long would it take you alone to figure out how exactly professional's create graphic design?  If you're ready for Photoshop and graphic design overload, make sure you order now to secure all of your bonuses.

p.p.p.s. If you're in competitive markets (vs. personal or home use) don't tell your competition where you learned everything because they might surge ahead.  Even experienced Photoshop/design professionals will have much to learn from Photoshop Designer that will allow them to produce more, better, faster, in a new way, and explore new boundaries and genres.  The depth of training is so comprehensive-it does cover something for everyone and the less you know, the more you will know..  Click here to order NOW & learn Photoshop design.

Click here to read 200 other testimonials in a separate window.


"...Ive printed and read your Basic Photoshop tutorials and I may say, that I have been doing a part time studies course for 1 1/2 years now on desktop publishing which incorporates Photoshop and this is the only time that I fully understand and got the full grasp of the Basics of Photoshop when I read your manual, much, much better than the school manuals and some Photoshop books that Ive read. Your tutorials are well written and well visually laid out that even a newbie like me will no doubt be able to follow the steps. Now Im excited and wish Iíll get your DVDs sooner...

Now it seems that I may find my part time studies soooo boring. Whatís happening is in school the teacher gives us a project brief that we will do (this is on our second stage of photoshop - Certificate 4); gives us a hard copy example and thatís about it. We then produce a project and all they do is comment without giving us more information how to enhance our work nor the way it should be done. I once asked regarding those techno art and the only response I got is that I have to start clicking all those other filter tools and be inventive. Its too frustrating to us newbies coz we see posters that are beautifully made and yet the teachers wont give us ideas how its done.

So I was just so amazed when I saw all your freebies psd files it really shows everything, actuallly NO NEED for a teacher or the classroom. The only thing I regret is its only now that I happen to stumble to your site.
Well sorry for taking up much of your time, Im just so excited on these tutorials and cant help myself giving you a feedback."

Cheers and Thanks
Nina Liddicoat                  -Australia              


Movie Poster Tutorial Design

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