First PhotoshopDesign Contest:

Deadline August 26, 2004

If you have access to my tutorials you can enter the Contest! 

Send design entries to as .jpg attachments

Following is the full information & instructions...

If you are in the PSDer ezine you'll be receiving a similar email. I am running a Photoshop Design Contest. As a paid student of mine, you will compete against other customer/students in a parallel contest. It's a great chance to show off your PS skills. The deadline is coming up soon and you get to win some cool stuff. Here are the complete details....

by now I'm sure you've enjoyed the Photoshop training and increased your level of real world design skills. I'm glad to be a part in helping increase your Photoshop effectiveness. Now it's time to show everyone what you've been up to in Photoshop! You've heard a lot from me, now I want to hear from you!

Are you ready to enter the first PhotoshopDesign Contest? Here's your chance to compete with 1,000's of other Photoshop Designer's from around the world! You don't have to be the best designer yet ( of the top awards is for "MOST IMPROVED" Photoshop Designer.) Read this whole email if you're's free to enter and everyone who enters will receive more free downloads.

I'd like to showcase YOUR Photoshop design work on the PhotoshopDesign.NET website (over 50,000 unique visitors/month). I'm going to be developing a user gallery which will show off my 'students' best work (that's YOU)!! This gallery will be an ongoing project and will start with the First PhotoshopDesign Contest!

The level of training you've received from me has been world class and you should be ready to charge for your design services (if you aren't already). Make sure to enter this contest and you can start getting recognition for your work.

If you are receiving this email or reading this statement, you can submit up to 4 designs (in any genre) of your choice that you have created. (All work must be originally created, but yes you can use stock photography). Of all of the submissions received from customers by the deadline of August 26, I will choose 2 students who will each receive a lifetime supply of PhotoshopDownloads and the Upcoming Training (when it is released in about 7 weeks).

Student is my term for paying customer such as you who has received my full training program. You are competing against other students. I am running a similar contest for my PSDer subscribers (they are competing against other subscribers and not you as a customer). Here's the thing; I expect more from you b/c you have my full training!

The top awards are: 1. Best of Contest: Student
2. Most Improved Designer: Student

All winners will be announced and featured on the site. Everyone's work who is entered will ultimately be featured in the gallery (upon my editorial review). You will automatically be entered for best of contest award but if you want to also vye for "Most improved designer" then make sure to send an example of your work "BEFORE" your training from me/PSD.NET and an example of your design work "AFTER" learning from the tutorials (they can be different designs). This way I can see the level of improvement you've received from my free training.

Winners will be announced on August 31 and their designs will be prominently featured on the website. So what's next?.....

Send me your best new Photoshop work (4 designs/files max as 72 resolution .jpg's ). I will assume & expect that your work has been strongly influenced in part by my teachings so you can qualify for the prizes and showcasing on the website.

You can enter by replying to this email or sending an email to (when you are ready) and attaching your .jpeg images. (maximum image size 600 X 800 @ 72 resolution) Make sure the email says PhotoshopDesign Contest (or something of that sort so I know you're entering).

Enter by the deadline of August 26th, but the earlier the better. By entering you agree to the conditions listed in this email. The earlier you get your work in, the better for the contest. Entries will be judged by me and my puppet kermit.

Why am I doing this? Because it's fun for everyone, yes but it also gives me a chance to see what kind of effect I'm actually having on people and it gives you a chance to share your work with 10,000's of viewers/month! I'll even include a link to your website (& email) next to your work if you want. Feel free to include a small .jpg of yourself if you want your picture next to your work (photo no larger than 200 X 200...I'll create an action to make them all smaller).

You're encouraged to include a testimonial as to how the Design tutorials have helped you improve your Photoshop skills. Feel free to include any statements as to how you did what you did to get the end design result you came up with as well as what kind of influence the PSD.NET tutorials and my training have had on you (= more brownie points).

By submitting an entry/s you understand that your work must be original creations (designed by you) although may be heavily influenced by the tutorials ((you can even use source files from the PSDLoad ezine or the 2,000 images bonus CD) just for this contest--yes it's ok) or other sources such as magazines, posters, etc. The more original the better; be as creative as you want and design in any genre. Have fun with it or enter work you've already created (from your training). You must use Adobe Photoshop (any version).

I have the right to now showcase any entry/s on the final gallery. You retain intellectual copyright to your design and you grant permission to allow me to use your work, name, email address, photo of yourself (if submitted) and website link on any of my websites (,,,,, I will not resell or redistribute your work outside of showcasing or listing it on my website network.

You also understand that I may show your work & statements to prospective customers (on the sites) as an example of the quality of training that I have given.

Let me know if you don't want your email address or name to appear next to your work. Remember you can submit up to 4 entries (.jpg's). You can submit them at different times up until the deadline of August 26.

Remember to include some kind of statement about how PhotoshopDesign.NET training has helped you along your way! The more brown-nosing (and ironically, accurate) you can be, the more I may feature your work! Who said life is fair?! Because you probably would be speaking the truth (I hope) anyways.

Make sure you market your Photoshop talents (if you're in it for the money) because with all of the training you should be ready to rock and as a customer/student send in your best new work and compete with my other students for recognition and prizes!

Good Luck!!

Orion Williams
Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop CS

Send entries to: as an attachment (.jpg)

p.s. If you're going to be @ PhotoshopWorld East Orlando on September 1st and they call my name up this time for a Guru Award (3rd time's a charm?!) just yell out "BOOYAH" when I go to the stage so I know you're there. And if you are there and entered in the Guru awards and win you better let me know so we can share your good news with everyone!