PhotoShopDesign.NET Anti-SPAM Policy

What is spam?  Besides a 'meat' product and labour of love for the Monty Python troupe...

Generically, Spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail) is an email message that you send to someone when they did not ask for it.  For more information on SPAM, please visit

PhotoshopDesign.NET considers the priority responsibility is to protect the privacy of list-subscribers and anyone who wishes to contact via any form on this Web site that shows their e-mail address. Your subscription information will be kept private and is not publicly accessible. Your email address and other information will never be given out or sold to a third party. This includes those who wish to contact PhotoshopDesign.NET for any general purpose as well. In addition, this Web site strives to create a better Internet environment in general.

It is the policy of this site to fight spam in any way available.  When you sign up for the PSDer you are requesting to be on the list.  Email from me is Not Spam b/c you have requested it (so please don't treat it as such).  Have faith in the internet for providing quality information; It's still possible with all of this hate mail out there.  You can unsubscribe through a link at the bottom of any email at any time.

In the event of your either having queries or disagreements with this policy, please bring it to the attention of the Webmaster via the Contact  Thank you.

After signing up you might want to check that your educational and entertaining emails are not forwarded to your junk mail (esp. for Hotmail users).  The PSDer is valuable information for your continuing education: don't let a good email go to waste. ;)

If you are kicked off (which does happen by my system ie. for too many unopened or trashed emails), you can re-subscribe by sending a blank email to:

There are currently NO pop-ups associated with my site that you will receive.  It still happens to me all the time even with pop up killers.  I especially hate it when I keyboard shortcut to close a window but it happens to pop under and the page I wanted to look at closes...has this happened to you?

Orion Williams is a member of the Email Service Provider Coalition

The Email Service Provider Coalition (ESPC) was formed to fight spam while protecting the delivery of legitimate email. The ESPC members have recognized the need for strong spam solutions that ensure the delivery of legitimate email and have been very active in the war against spam.

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