PhotoshopDesign.NET is the result of a devotion to and passion of Adobe Photoshop and graphic design by a cool yet quirky guy, Orion Williams.  It is open to quality content from other industry insiders to further provide free resources & education to people interested in Photoshop.

The Mission of PhotoshopDesign.NET is to become a central resource for Photoshop users and designers worldwide.  It's content will always be free. 

Graphic design is a practical and applied study.  Photoshop is the world's premiere software for not only image editing but also graphic design.  PSDesign.NET is devoted to giving quality, free content on how to better use Photoshop for image editing, post-production and graphic design creation.

On this site, you will often find some moments of revelation.  This site is meant for both the newcomer to Photoshop and the experienced guru.  I will always be adding more content so you're sure to keep finding great information.

PSD.NET (will at some point) expand into other "Photoshop" related areas such as web design, macromedia (flash, dreamweaver) design, vegas video 4.0 and video post-production, more into digital photography, and all that jazz (maybe).

If you are interested in becoming a contributor, I welcome all quality material and I can display it on the website.  So if you've already produced Photoshop or other (multi)media tutorials or articles, please contact me. 

There's eventually a limit on what one person can do in a certain amount of time, but by having your relevant work on here (and the knowledge of many others in our industry), we can develop the '.NET' into the top Photoshop/Design related resource on the web!

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